The latest addition to the Grand Design Systems seamless walling range is the EcoWall. Combining the principles of our flagship walling system the MaxiPremium, we have painstakingly developed a final product that is lighter in weight but still meets the same high-quality criteria our customers have come to expect from GDS. Each panel is fitted as standard with the patented “Quick-Adjust” foot levelling system and simple pin and camlock configuration ensuring efficient setup times and repeatability of performance at each event. (Recorded setup time for a double-garage is just 33 minutes. See link below, with reported build times as low as 13 minutes!) EcoWall is the ideal choice for reducing costs without compromising on quality.


As with all of the modular systems we manufacture and supply they are designed to provide you with the ultimate in flexibility. Our systems can easily be expanded and enhanced with extra features as and when you need them to reflect your team progressing through the ranks or for general improvements to event usability.

As with the MaxiPremium standard features can be added such as flush-fit TVs, illuminated logo panels, helmet boxes, alcoves and much more. We are constantly adding to our portfolio, so please get in touch if you have a specific requirement! Suitable for vinyl wrapping and decalling, like its big brother MaxiPremium, EcoWall is the ideal background for showing off your team branding and sponsors. The combination of quality, adaptability and the ongoing improvement of our products means that the EcoWall can serve you just as well as our other solutions at a budget friendly price.


EcoWall panels are made from durable PVC composite material with a thickness of 17mm and a standard motorsport height of 2.1m.

Standard panel widths are available in 1m, 0.5m, 0.25m, and 0.1m.

Our ABS corner connectors are custom extruded and modular. This means that our system delivers the flexibility you need for those inevitable nonstandard set-ups, with panels and connectors that can be effortlessly used for internal, external, left, or right.


All panels and connectors are 17mm thick

DescriptionSize mm (W x H)Weight (Kgs)Finish
PVC Composite Panel1000 X 210012.4RAL 9016 Semi-Gloss PVC
PVC Composite Panel500 x 21007RAL 9016 Semi-Gloss PVC
PVC Composite Panel250 x 21004.5RAL 9016 Semi-Gloss PVC
90° Corner Connector67 x 21002.6RAL 9016 Semi-Gloss PVC
3-Way T-Connector100 x 21005.1RAL 9016 Semi-Gloss PVC


With your walling system designed and manufactured to your specification, we feel there are 2 additions that you will seriously want to consider from the offset.

1. The addition of branding and graphics to your walling system:
Our EcoWall seamless walling system really does offer one of the largest spaces to promote your team image and achieve maximum brand exposure of your all-important sponsors.

2. An affordable solution to protect, store and transport your walling system:
We offer a range of standard walling flight cases as well as a bespoke design service when required. Look no further, we offer both of these services and products along with a host of other high-quality motorsport equipment to assist your days at the track.


When you need to manage your cashflow and capital, we can deliver our innovative EcoWall solutions, along with our other walling systems, on finance.

It gives you more flexibility and time to get in place your garage space equipment before the season starts.

If you are interested in our finance option, we can arrange a quotation and finance package through specialists, Moorgate Motorsports Finance.