Our original seamless walling system, the MaxiPremium continues to maintain its position as the leading automotive display system. Thanks to simple features such as patented the “quick-adjust” foot levelling system and positive pin and camlock configuration, build and breakdown times are reduced when compared to traditional systems such as pole and panel, giving you and your team more time to focus on what is important. Our MaxiPremium line, is the original, seamless walling systems designed with the motorsports industry in mind.


We know that when it comes to garage spaces, each team has its own unique set of requirements. Each of our systems are designed and custom built to your specification. Our dedicated design team, backed by years of experience working in the motorsport industry, are ready to help you develop and evolve your system.

We recognise that set-ups can vary from track to track and you’ll want the flexibility to make any space work for you. The panels and connectors of our MaxiPremium line are modular, meaning they can each be used as internal, extrenal, left, or right. This adaptable approach puts you in control, for times when you require a non-standard set-up.

Our extensive range of garage environment enhancing features ensures that our system meets the needs of your operation. Among the features our customers can choose from are flush-fit TV’s, helmet boxes, waste management, storage cupboards, viewing windows, and lighting solutions to name a few. If you have a specific idea in mind we can assist you in bringing your concept into reality.


Our original MaxiPremium system built in 1999 has endured the years, being continually used by a range of motorsport teams, including BAR Honda F1 and Mercedes Petronas F1 through to its decommissioning in 2017. A true testament to the longevity and high-quality build of this outstanding product. The return on investment of this walling system is outstanding.

A standard panel @ 2.1m x 1m x 15mm, comes in at just 13.8kgs when fully loaded. Handcrafted in our own workshop from materials and components sourced in the UK, you know that you can rely on our designs and completed products. 

MaxiPremium panels are made from an aluminium honeycomb composite material, with a thickness of 15mm. Our panels are available at standard motorsport height of 2.1m, you can select a width of 1m, 0.5m, or 0.25m to match your configuration plans. Dual sided and finished in high gloss RAL9016, your garage system will look professional and slick from any angle. Custom sizes and panel extensions are available on request.


All panels and connectors are 15mm thick

DescriptionSize mm (W x H)Weight (Kgs)Finish
Honeycomb Composite Panel1000 X 210013.4RAL 9016 Gloss
Honeycomb Composite Panel500 x 21007.5RAL 9016 Gloss
Honeycomb Composite Panel250 x 21004.2RAL 9016 Gloss
90° Corner Connector65 x 21003.3RAL 9016 Gloss
3-Way T-Connector115 x 21005.3RAL 9016 Gloss


With your walling system designed and manufactured to your specification, we feel there are 2 additions that you will seriously want to consider from the offset.

1. The addition of branding and graphics to your walling system:
Our MaxiPremium seamless walling system really does offer one of the largest spaces to promote your team image and achieve maximum brand exposure of your all-important sponsors.

2. An affordable solution to protect, store and transport your walling system:
We offer a range of standard walling flight cases as well as a bespoke design service when required. Look no further, we offer both of these services and products along with a host of other high-quality motorsport equipment to assist your days at the track.


When you need to manage your cashflow and capital, we can deliver our innovative MaxiPremium solutions, along with our other walling systems, on finance.

It gives you more flexibility and time to get in place your garage space equipment before the season starts.

If you are interested in our finance option, we can arrange a quotation and finance package through specialists, Moorgate Motorsports Finance.