To use this design tool, please view on a full screen device.

Step 1:

Enter the Length and Width in millimetres and press the 'Create Floorplan' button.

Step 2:

Select a colour from the available colours below and draw them on the flooplan generated above.

Select colour below:
SilverBlackDark Grey

Currently selected colour:

Step 3:

To create your design click once on a square to fill only that tile, or click and drag across several to fill multiple tiles. Repeating Step 2 to change between colours. Please note: by default all tiles are Dark Grey.

Step 4:

Once finished click the 'Calculate Tiles' button to display the number of tiles needed for the design and when ready, simply fill out your company name along with a valid email address and then click 'Send' to sumbit your design to our team.

Number of Tiles Needed:
Red Tiles Green Tiles Blue Tiles Yellow Tiles
Silver Tiles Black Tiles Dark Grey TilesTotal

Step 5:

Send us your design

To send your design to us, simply fill out your company name & email address below and click 'Send'.

Company name: Email address: